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Do Boudoir Photographers Include Hair & Makeup?

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The short answer is it depends.

Some boudoir photographers do not include hair and makeup. In these circumstances, you're responsible for either hiring a professional or doing it yourself.

Some boudoir photographers offer hair and makeup as an add on to your session.

Still other boudoir photographers include hair and makeup with your session so you have a seamless and easy experience and you don't have to worry about making hair and makeup decisions!

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In the world of boudoir photography, every detail matters. From the lighting to the poses, each element plays a crucial role in capturing the essence of beauty, confidence, and sensuality. Among these essential components, professional hair and makeup stand out as invaluable assets, elevating the entire experience.

At Rosewood Boudoir, we believe in providing our clients with not just a photoshoot, but a transformative journey towards self-love and empowerment. This includes professional hair and makeup in every session for several reasons.


Most of the women I photograph have never done a boudoir session before. They are usually feeling some mixture of nervousness and excitement leading up to their sessions. I do as much as I can to help prepare you for your session, but that rarely eliminates the nerves completely.

That's where my hair and makeup artist comes in!

If you book a session with me, you'll most likely have Taylor Davis with Winged Out Beauty as your hair and makeup artist. I chose her to take care of my Rosewood Ladies not only because she's incredible at what she does, but also because she has such a fun, engaging, and bubbly personality.

She's an excellent at emotional support and she can tell you first hand about what the Rosewood experience is like. Hair & makeup is the perfect opportunity to relax, chat, and unwind before your session!


One of the key principles at Rosewood is the celebration of your natural beauty. The last thing we want is for you to look at the photos and say "that doesn't even look like me". Boudoir is about seeing yourself in a new light, not creating a fake alter ego for you to compare yourself to.

We believe that you possess a unique allure and charm that deserves to be highlighted, not masked or altered. That's why Taylor specializes in creating natural makeup looks that enhance your features while still allowing you to shine through.


In the world of boudoir photography, the camera captures every nuance and detail. To ensure that you look polished and camera-ready, professional hair and makeup are essential. Yes, it helps cut down on my editing time, but really seeing yourself with a beautiful, natural look boosts your confidence before you even get in front of the camera!


Professional hair and makeup play a critical role in creating a truly transformative boudoir experience. From providing a moment of pampering and relaxation to enhancing natural beauty and ensuring you look polished for the camera, Taylor brings a level of expertise and artistry that elevates every session at Rosewood Boudoir.

When you choose Rosewood Boudoir for your boudoir photoshoot, you're not just investing in stunning images; you're investing in a journey towards self-love, empowerment, and confidence.


If you haven't booked a session yet, but you're ready to take that step, slide on over to the booking page of my website to start your boudoir experience today!




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