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Should You Wear Lingerie for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot?

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Most of the women I photograph have never done a boudoir session before. Many of them don't even own lingerie before their session. Some of them have never even worn lingerie. I had never worn lingerie before my first boudoir session years ago before I became a boudoir photographer.

So...should you wear lingerie if you haven't before? The short answer is that you don't have to, but you definitely should!

There are a lot of other options for boudoir outfits besides lingerie. Wide neck sweaters with cute undies and/or tall socks are a great option for a cozy look. You can also do a simple bra or bralette and panty set with an oversized button down if lingerie just doesn't feel like you.

That being said, I definitely recommend you bring at least one piece of lingerie for your session. Boudoir is about showcasing you, but it's also about exploring a side of yourself that you haven't before. It's about allowing yourself to embrace the feminine and sultry side of your personality.

Lingerie just does things for your confidence. Even if you think you're not that girl who can pull off lingerie, you absolutely can.

It's all about finding the right pieces that flatter your body type. The beauty of this is that lingerie is already designed to flatter the female form.

There are some types of lingerie that I specifically recommend for boudoir sessions.


My favorite boudoir outfit is bodysuits and teddys with cheeky cut bottoms. These are fitted and flattering on every body type. Here are a few examples below!


I love bra and panty sets - specifically if you're looking for a way to show off your abs. They have a fun and flirty girl next door vibe to them. If you're wanting to cover more of your stomach a bra and a pair of high waisted underwear that hits at your natural waist is also a great option!

The biggest thing to keep in mind if you're doing a garter belt and stockings is to make sure they come up all the way on your legs.

Ideally, they should hit just below your booty. The stockings in the photo below are actually a little too short for her and would have been more flattering if they came up higher on her legs.

If you've never done a garter belt and stockings before, don't worry. I'll help you get it on right!


A well selected piece of lingerie will do wonders for helping you feel flirty and sexy and feminine. Before I was a boudoir photographer, I used to wear sexy lingerie under my clothing for job interviews to give me a bit of a confidence boost. It sounds silly, but I promise it works!

Many women don't necessarily have a collection of lingerie. If I'm being honest, it's not the most practical thing to wear under your clothes (even if I have before).

Nevertheless, I encourage you to try it out for your session at the very least.

Photos of you in full lingerie will be a fantastic surprise for him - especially if he's never actually seen you in any. You can also try it on for him in person later. That's quite fun too!


If you haven't already booked your boudoir session, you can book here to start your boudoir experience today!


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