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Boudoir Albums vs. Digitals: Will you look at them again?

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Boudoir albums vs. digitals...that is the question. Which is better? Which will you look at again and again over the years?

If I had to pick between an album or digitals, I would pick the album every single time.

It is such a shame to invest in gorgeous boudoir photos only for them to be relegated to the hard drive graveyard never to be seen again.

Am I being dramatic?

Yes. I am a bit.

But in all seriousness, I can almost guarantee that boudoir photos in a high quality luxurious album will be enjoyed more over time than digital boudoir photos will be.

Why? Let's jump in and look at the pros and cons of albums vs. digitals.


I specialize in providing boudoir albums vs. digitals because there is something so amazing about seeing your photos beautifully printed in a tangible boudoir album.

The boudoir albums I design are so beautiful and cohesive. They flow effortlessly from page to page showcasing you in such a stunning way.

I promise your boudoir album is something you'll reach for again and again.

I've had ladies tell me they like to flip back through their albums when they're feeling down about their bodies or even just having a bad day. I gave my husband an album before we got married back in 2017 and I still catch him flipping through it from time to time.

If you're giving your photos as a gift, an album has a much bigger impact than a flash drive and watching his reaction as he flips through the pages is so much fun!

You could even write him a a little love note in the album or on a piece of stationary stuck in the front or back cover. If you're feeling really flirty, add a little lipstick kiss to the note!

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The most common concern I hear regarding albums is "what if someone else finds it?" Usually women say this in reference to children or a snoopy mother or mother-in-law.

I do understand this concern and you know your unique situation better than anyone.

That being said, the albums I offer are very simple and discrete. They don't say "hey I'm a boudoir album, look at me!". Instead they are nondescript leather bound albums that would be easy to camouflage on a bookshelf or even as a home décor piece. You could always hide it in a decorative box if you're feeling really nervous about someone finding it.

Most of the women I photograph are doing their session as a gift for their husbands or future husbands. Somehow I doubt he'd just leave your album of intimate photos laying around. There are plenty of places he could keep it that would be discrete such as a desk drawer (if he has a home office) or a nightstand.

Lastly, the photos I take are always classy and tasteful. Even if you have some form of nudity in your photos, there is absolutely nothing gross or inappropriate about them.

Even if the wrong person were to accidentally stumble across your album in some worst case scenario, I promise you'll look beautiful and tasteful.

There is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. Remember, the human body is a work of art and you had these photos made to celebrate that!


The biggest benefit of digital photos is guaranteed privacy (assuming nothing gets hacked once it's on your device!).

Nobody besides you, your man, and your photographer will see your photos since there's nothing being physically printed.

For the record, I use a professional print lab to maintain privacy and professionalism, but at the end of the day, someone else is still seeing the photos to have them printed.

If you don't want to share them with your man all at once, it can be fun to send him a photo or two here and there. If you do this, he'll definitely be bringing it up and asking for more of them which is a fun and flirty way to spice up your marriage.

I worked with a military wife who was looking to do a session for this very reason. She wanted to be able to send him some nice photos sporadically while he was away.

The downside to digitals is the fact that you are less likely to look at them again. They might get lost or forgotten if you have them on your phone and then upgrade to a new phone. Same with a laptop or tablet.

An album is much more likely to be enjoyed again and again over the years than digital photos. It's also less likely to be lost or misplaced.


So what's the solution?

I hate to make you choose so I actually include both! When you purchase an album, you'll get a corresponding digital copy of each photo that is in your album.

If you're a bride, it can be super fun to text him one or two the morning of the wedding and then give him the album in person when you're alone together.

That way you get to enjoy his reaction - and I promise it'll be good!


If you haven't already, you can book your boudoir session here to start your boudoir experience today!


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