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Boudoir Photography with Men's Shirt

white mens button down / boudoir pose of woman climbing on bed during knoxville boudoir photo session / photo by knoxville boudoir photographer rosewoodboudoir / see more at


Many of the women I photograph are choosing to do a boudoir session as a gift for their man. When deciding on your boudoir wardrobe, keep in mind that his clothing is an option too!

It can be fun to incorporate things he loves into your session, whether that be a braves baseball jersey, a set of lingerie he loves to see you in, one of his t-shirts or button downs, or even one of his jackets.

I always recommend raiding his closet before your boudoir session. If you're on the fence about whether to do your boudoir photography session with a men's shirt, keep reading and I'll talk you into it!

white mens button down / boudoir pose of woman climbing on bed during knoxville boudoir photo session / photo by knoxville boudoir photographer rosewoodboudoir / see more at


One of the first things that comes to mind when wearing my husband's shirt is comfort. He's bigger and stronger than I am which makes me feel very safe. Wearing his shirt only heightens that feeling for me.

I don't know about you, but the women's PJs that I own are at the bottom of a drawer somewhere and I never ever reach for them. I'm forever sleeping in my husband's old shirts. I have yet to find a more comfortable outfit for lounging, cuddling, or sleeping.

I love that his scent clings to the fabric and wearing his shirt is the next best thing to the feeling of being wrapped up in his arms. It's an insanely comforting feeling.

If you're feeling nervous about your boudoir session, bringing your man's shirt can actually help you feel more comfortable and at ease in front of the camera.

Boudoir is about capturing you and your personality and the things you care about. Your relationship with your partner is definitely a part of that.


In addition to the comfort factor, there is an undeniable sensuality to wearing your man's shirt. One of my favorite things to photograph is a white button down.

There's something about it that feels like the morning after a luxurious and romantic night together. These images feel like you just threw on the closest shirt to you and it just so happened to be his.

Whether you have your lingerie on under it, or you're wearing just his shirt, there's something extremely intimate and sexy about this outfit choice.


On a more symbolic level, wearing your man's shirt exudes intimacy and connection. It is a physical representation of your closeness as a couple. No one else wears his shirt - especially not while wearing lingerie (or nothing at all).

For many men, the idea of their lady donning their clothing is both romantic and endearing. Knowing that you've chosen to incorporate a piece of them into your boudoir session can be a meaningful gesture that speaks to the strength of your romantic bond.


There are so many "best parts" of a boudoir experience, but his reaction is definitely high on that list! Imagine his face as he flips through your boudoir album and sees you dressed in his shirt.

Seeing you exude confidence and beauty in his shirt will stir up all the feelings. He'll love the way it represents your intimacy and the fact that he is yours and you are his. Not to mention, he'll love how sexy and beautiful you look.


Incorporating your man's shirt into your boudoir session is so much more than simply a stylistic choice. It's a symbolic gesture of love, affection, and intimacy. It brings a special and unique layer of comfort and sensuality to your boudoir experience.


If you haven't already, you can start your boudoir experience here today!




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