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10 Myths and Misconceptions about Boudoir Photography

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If you're anything like I was before I became a boudoir photographer, you probably have some questions and maybe even a few misconceptions surrounding what boudoir photography is and whether it's even for you.

Let's bust some popular boudoir myths and misconceptions!

1. "Boudoir is just sexy photos in my underwear. What's the big deal?"

Boudoir is so much more than just sexy photos. Boudoir photography is a positive and uplifting experience designed to help you see yourself in a new light and embrace your natural beauty in an intimate way.

It's about you being the subject of art (maybe for the first time in your life). It's about exploring your innate femininity in a new and beautiful way.

2. "I have to wear skimpy lingerie or get naked for boudoir photos."

Bouodir photography is about capturing your essence in an intimate way. It's not about being nearly or fully naked. If you prefer a sweater or button down and tall cozy socks to a skimpy set of lacy things, go for the sweater! There are no hard rules on what you have to wear (or not wear!).

I've had a lady bring her favorite pair of jeans and a bouquet of flowers to strategically cover her bust. It was beautiful and comfortable look that was so flattering.

You never have to get naked if you aren't comfortable with it.

3. "I need to lose weight before I book a session."

You absolutely do not need to lose weight before you should book a session. Obviously there's nothing wrong with working out and eating healthy. But regardless of your weight, you are beautiful. You don't have to change yourself to be worthy of your own love and acceptance. Your curves are beautiful and your photos will show it!

4. "I have to know how to pose and be sexy."

You don't have to know anything about posing before your session. Chances are, you're not a professional model. Most of my clients aren't! It's my job to coach you through posing and facial expressions. You don't need any prior knowledge to shine in your boudoir session!

If you want to get an idea of what sort of posing you can expect, I have a few posing reels on my instagram where I demonstrate how to get into popular boudoir poses. You don't have to study these or memorize anything. I'll take care of everything during your session!

5. "I am too shy and I'm not photogenic."

Girl, me too. The good news is that you don't have to be the boldest most selfie loving gal in the room to have an incredible boudoir session.

There's nothing wrong with being shy. I work within your personality and comfort level during your session. If you are on the shy side, we can do plenty of beautiful poses conveying shy/coy body language. I will also do some poses to stretch you out of that shy comfort zone, but you always have the right to ask to skip a pose if you aren't comfortable with it!

Just because you think you aren't photogenic doesn't mean you aren't. With beautiful light, skillful coaching, and a professionally done natural hair and makeup look you'll be able to see what a smokeshow you actually are! All I ask is that you take a deep breath, relax, and trust the process.

At the end of the day, you choose which images you'd like to have forever. If there are a few photos in your gallery that you don't love - that's completely ok. There will be plenty that you do love!

6. "I have to be in a relationship to book a boudoir session."

There are so many reasons to book a boudoir session. Many women book a boudoir session as a gift for their significant other, but they usually find it was also a gift for themself. You are totally allowed to give yourself this gift without worrying about anyone else!

7. "My friends and family would judge me for doing a boudoir session."

You might be surprised... Boudoir photography has become increasingly popular and more widely accepted in recent years. That being said, your secret is always safe with me! You can absolutely do a boudoir session for you without your family and friends being any wiser. This is about you (and your partner) not them!

8. "My photos might end up on the internet."

This is totally up to you. Privacy and discretion is assumed at Rosewood Boudoir. If you don't want anyone seeing your photos and you don't want your photos on the internet, they will remain private. I never post boudoir photos without explicit written consent.

9. "A boudoir session will be super awkward."

In general, a good boudoir photographer is going to prioritize your comfort and make it a fun and positive experience that feels like hanging out with a friend. Boudoir photography may be outside of your comfort zone, but I've photographed many women and let me assure you, it's not awkward if you find the right photographer.

10. "I'm not worth the investment in a good boudoir photographer."

Like any form of art, there is a wide spectrum of price ranges and skill levels available. But like most things, you get what you pay for. A good boudoir photographer will come with an investment. But let me assure you, you are more than worth that investment. A good boudoir experience will work wonders on your self perception and confidence!


You can book here today!


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