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Modest Girl Boudoir Outfits and Tips

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One of the sexiest things you can do is to leave a bit to the imagination, right? If this sounds right to you, maybe you're wondering if boudoir is even for you.

Let me stop you right there - YES. Boudoir is absolutely for you.

You don't have to show all of your skin to have a boudoir experience that will leave you feeling confident and sexy.

Boudoir is an intimate and personal form of art. I always work within your comfort level to achieve your dream boudoir album - regardless of how much skin you choose to show.

Some women are comfortable showing more skin during their session and some want to remain a bit more covered. The desision of how much skin you want to show (and where you want to show it!) is totally up to you.

Here are a few outfit ideas and tips for a modest boudoir session to get you started!


Robes come in a wide variety. You can look for something short, long, lacy, silky, or sheer.

It's totally up to you and how much coverage you're after!


For best results, look for something thin and a little loose. Don't limit yourself to sweaters only. You might be surprised, but a pajama top can actually work really well for this!

Just look for a nice wide neckline that can be comfortably pulled off your shoulder.


This is an easy item to add to your outfits. If you don't have an oversized button down, raid your man's closet!

He'll love seeing you in his shirt and its oversized nature will provide you with as much coverage as you'd like!

black lace bralette and white mens button down / sitting on bed / mode


Pay attention to what you want to cover and the level of coverage vs. sheerness.

High rise underwear that hits at your natural waist is a flattering option that provides a bit more coverage.

You can also be on the lookout for cheeky cut underwear for a flattering option that will cover you more than a thong.


Maybe you've fallen in love with a piece of lingerie but it's a little too sheer for your liking - particularly in the bust area.

My secret weapon for this situation is nippies. You read that right - those nude flesh toned pasties that cover your nipple area.

Get yourself a pair here to wear under your outfit if you want a seamless look.

Nippies also provide a bit of privacy during your session if you're nervous about that!


If you only want your fiance or husband to see your photos - only he will see your photos.

I take privacy very seriously and never share images without explicit written consent.


You can book here today!


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