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Boudoir Outfits that Aren't Lingerie

boudoir outfit ideas that aren't lingerie


So you want to do a boudoir session, but you don't love the idea of wearing lingerie. Or maybe you do plan to bring some lingerie, but you want to explore some other creative outfit options as well. Either way, you need some ideas that aren't lingerie and I've got you covered with a compilation of non-lingerie outfit ideas and inspiration!


Sweaters can be a comfy boudoir outfit option that is still sexy without being lingerie. If you're nervous about your session and want to bring something that will provide a little more coverage, this is also a great way to go!

When you're shopping, look for sweaters (or even other shirts) with thinner fabrics and wide necklines. These are perfect for draping off the shoulder during your session for a flirty or sensual look. Amazon and Aerie can be good places to look if you don't already have a sweater that fits the bill.

boudoir outfit ideas not lingerie


This is an easy option for most women. Just take a peek in his closet and see what you find! Oversized button downs look great in boudoir sessions and add sentimental value to the photos. You could also grab one of his t-shirts or even a sports jersey if that's more his style. This is a great way to incorporate him into your session.


A tank top paired with a cute pair of cheeky underwear makes for great girl next door vibes in your boudoir session. You could also swap the tank top for a sheer white t-shirt with nothing underneath for an even sexier vibe.


Maybe a lacy lingerie bodysuit isn't your thing. There are plenty of bodysuits in the clothing department that aren't necessarily lingerie but will photograph as nicely as a lacy lingerie bodysuit. Look for one that suits your style.

boudoir outfit ideas bodysuit that isn't lingerie


You can also get creative with a leather jacket or blazer. This pairs great with a sexy bra or bralette or even nothing underneath it.


Your favorite pair of jeans (or jean shorts) can be a great idea for your boudoir session. You can pair them with a sheer white top or a bralette or even a sports bra. can go topless. If you don't want to bare everything, we can cover your breasts with your hands, have you lay on your stomach, or photograph you from the back. There are plenty of options for every comfort level. I've even had a woman bring a bouquet of fresh flowers from Flourish Flowers to strategically cover her chest. It added an incredibly beautiful pop of color to her session.


Maybe you're a sporty gal who feels more at home in a cute pair of leggings and a matching sports bra than you do in lingerie. You can bring that! It totally counts as a boudoir outfit - even if you've worn it to the gym.

You could also do a sporty bra and panty set - think classic Calvin Klein advertisements with the thick white band that says "Calvin Klein". If you go this route, it's important to consider sizing up. We don't want your outfit to cut into your skin. Your underwear should sit comfortably over your skin for the most flattering photographs. A sporty bra and panty set can also look great with a pair of denim for a boudoir outfit that isn't lingerie.


Even if you opt for no lingerie underneath, there are a lot of robes or even swimsuit coverups that will make great additions to your boudoir outfit.


Nude is always an outfit option. The cool thing is, it's possible to do implied nude photos without actually getting naked. This depends 100% on your comfort level. Some women are comfortable going topless beneath the bedsheet. If you aren't comfortable going topless, we can achieve the same look by pulling your bra straps down and making sure the sheet covers all of your bra.

Many women leave their underwear on for these shots. If you want to take your underwear off to show more of your torso and hips, you certainly can, but it's never required! I'll even turn away to give you privacy while you're getting into position if you'd like. I cannot stress it enough: your comfort matters!

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