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What to Wear for a Plus-Size Boudoir Session

plus-size boudoir inspiration


One of the most common questions I get from clients is "what should I wear?" I've heard many of my curvy clients comment about how it's hard to find boudoir inspiration for women who look like them. This truly breaks my heart. All women are beautiful and deserve to be celebrated.

One of the neatest things about boudoir photography is getting to work with women of all shapes and sizes. I always send out a pre-session questionnaire to help me understand what you love most about your body and if there is anything specific you want to de-emphasize. This helps me ensure I choose poses that will accentuate the things you love and help you view the things you don't in a new light. Every woman I meet has insecurities about her body - regardless of whether she is athletic, slim, or curvy. My hope is always that you'll leave your session with new appreciation for your body and that you'll see how beautiful you are just as you are.

All bodies are beautiful, but I wanted to make this post for all the curvy girls out there who are considering boudoir, but wrestling with doubts.

In general, the same lingerie dressing rules apply regardless of your body type. However, there are some things that become more important for plus-size women to keep in mind when choosing their boudoir outfits.


The most important thing to remember is to find bras and lingerie that provide adequate support for your girls. If you're plus-size, you may have the advantage of a beautiful bust. Proper support will emphasize your cleavage and leave you with show-stopping photos.

Whether you're going for a bra and panty set or a bodysuit, make sure you've got the support you need. We can even find poses that will provide additional support during your session. Check out the arm under the chest providing some surreptitious additional support for a simple and beautiful bralette style bra.


You've got curves - let's show them off! Look for high rise panties and lingerie that hits at your natural waist (the slimmest part of your torso). High rise undies reliably accentuate your curves while flattering your shape. In general, look for a cheeky cut and/or lace for the best results.

Make sure everything fits properly and doesn't cut into your skin. It can even be a good idea to size up on underwear from what you usually wear to make sure it lays on the skin nicely without stretching too much.

plus-size boudoir outfit


Many women indicate in their questionnaires that they don't love their stomach. Robes, sweaters, and button downs can be an excellent way to provide additional stomach coverage if you're concerned about this area. We can drape robes off the shoulder while keeping it closed over the stomach.

sweater outfit boudoir

Be sure to look for robes, sweaters, or button downs that are oversized and made from thin rather than bulky fabric! Amazon can be an excellent place to check for sweaters if you don't have one already.


You are beautiful just as you are. You don't even need lingerie to show off those curves. We can always use a bedsheet draped strategically to show off the things you love and conceal anything you're concerned about.



Amazon has everything right? In my experience, they pretty much do. They even have lingerie! This is an excellent place to find something budget friendly (in any color you can imagine) that will likely still photograph beautifully. Just be sure to check reviews first.


If you're a size 10-30 and looking for options that will provide support and look gorgeous while doing it, Torrid is a great place to check out. They also have a lot of lovely lingerie options (including stunning bodysuits) with lots of built in support! There are even a few stores in Knoxville you could go to try things on before you purchase.


Pinsy is predominately a shapewear brand. The thing is, they've made the shapewear so darn lovely it looks and feels like lingerie. They offer a variety of bodysuits that are a beautiful combination of practical shapeware and gorgeous lace. The styles are super flattering for all shapes and sizes. The color options are predominately neutrals: black, white, pink, and nude. If you're nervous about wearing lingerie for photos, this can be a great way to ease into it!


Thistle and Spire is a very body positive brand. While I haven't ordered from them yet, I've got my eyes on several pieces. What I love about Thistle and Spire is the uniqueness of their pieces. They offer different themed collections which have options in bodysuits as well as bra and panty sets. These themes include fire, flowers, butterflies, phoenixes, star signs, and snakes among others. They're beautiful high end pieces that have an artistic flair to them without completely breaking the bank. They don't have a ton of different colors, but they do have classic colors such as black, white, and red (among others).


Mentionables is a very classy brand specializing in lace, classic styles, model-free photos, and inclusive sizing. They're also very body positive while offering a large range of styles and colors including rompers. They have a bridal collection with lots of beautiful options. Most of their pieces tend to be very sheer and feminine. The pricing is very reasonable. If you're wanting to go for a vintage feel, you should definitely check out this brand!

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