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Where to Shop for Your Boudoir Session

what to wear and where to shop for a boudoir session bridal lace lingerie in knoxville


There are tons of lingerie brands and so many options. Shopping for your boudoir session can be extremely fun, but also overwhelming if you aren't sure where to start. I've got you covered with some general "what to buy" guidance as well as a list of some of my favorite vendors!


I always recommend a lacy or interesting bodysuit. These photograph beautifully and flatter most bodies. If you're on the busty side, it can be challenging to find something with enough support. Don't give up! There are bodysuits out there that will provide support. It's also possible to find a bodysuit that might look good with a supportive bra under it!

I also recommend looking for at least one bra and panty set! These are super cute and flirty and photograph great!

When you're looking at bottoms, I recommend choosing a cheeky cut (or a thong). In general, I would avoid g-strings. Cheeky cut is the most universally flattering and photographs the best for booty photos! If you find a bodysuit or something you just love that's a g-string, don't let that stop you. We can always wait on the booty shots until you're wearing something cheeky and super flattering!



If you're like me, you really barely need an excuse to head off to target, get yourself a latte from the Starbucks, and start perusing one of the happiest places on earth. The Target in Turkey Creek has a good size underwear section. They've got all kinds of bra and panty sets, bralettes, robes, and even a few bodysuits to choose from. As far as underwear goes, they tend to have good quality items for extremely reasonable prices.


If you like supporting body positive brands, you'll be hard pressed to find a better one than Aerie. Aerie predominately offers bras, bralettes, and undies. However, they also offer a few really pretty bodysuits. I haven't seen these bodysuits at the mall, but they are available online. If you like lace, Aerie is a great choice as they have tons of lacy pieces in different styles and cuts with various levels of support. This underwear is very durable and stays pretty for a very long time.

This is also a good place to find a casual oversize sweater if you need one for your session.

Amazon has everything right? In my experience, they pretty much do. They even have lingerie! This is an excellent place to find something budget friendly (in any color you can imagine) that will likely still photograph beautifully. Just be sure to check reviews first.


While I've never ordered from Adore Me, they seem to have an excellent variety of pieces and colors. The pricing always seems very reasonable. They also offer a lingerie box that is selected for you based on a style quiz which is a neat option if you want to try some different things but you're still not sure where to start.



This is the old standby, but it's the old standby for a reason. They have matching bra and panty sets, lots of bodysuits, teddies, corsets, bustiers, and robes to choose from. Keep an eye on those bottoms though! Victoria's Secret does love to sneak in that v-string. Be on the lookout for a cheeky cut for the most flattering look.


This brand has surprised me with their lingerie options. They're predominately a clothing brand with a lot of special occasion dresses. However, their lingerie selection is really excellent. They have lots of different bodysuits that are lovely and lacy, well made, and reasonably priced. They also have some very nice bra and panty sets. They do not have a ton of color options. They predominately offer black, white, and maroon.


If you're a size 10-30 and looking for options that will provide support and look gorgeous while doing it, Torrid is a great place to check out. They also have a lot of lovely lingerie options (including stunning bodysuits) with lots of built in support! There are even a few stores in Knoxville you could go to try things on before you purchase.


Pinsy is predominately a shapewear brand. The thing is, they've made the shapewear so darn lovely it looks and feels like lingerie. They offer a variety of bodysuits that are a beautiful combination of practical shapeware and gorgeous lace. The styles are super flattering for all shapes and sizes. The color options are predominately neutrals: black, white, pink, and nude. If you're nervous about wearing lingerie for photos, this can be a great way to ease into it!



Thistle and Spire is a very body positive brand. While I haven't ordered from them yet, I've got my eyes on several pieces. What I love about Thistle and Spire is the uniqueness of their pieces. They offer different themed collections which have options in bodysuits as well as bra and panty sets. These themes include fire, flowers, butterflies, phoenixes, star signs, and snakes among others. They're beautiful high end pieces that have an artistic flair to them without completely breaking the bank. They don't have a ton of different colors, but they do have classic colors such as black, white, and red (among others).


Mentionables is a very classy brand specializing in lace, classic styles, model-free photos, and inclusive sizing. They're also very body positive while offering a large range of styles and colors including rompers. They have a bridal collection with lots of beautiful options. Most of their pieces tend to be very sheer and feminine. The pricing is very reasonable. If you're wanting to go for a vintage feel, you should definitely check out this brand!


This is a French brand with truly gorgeous pieces. Their main colors are predominately neutral including gold, white, and cream as well as blacks, blues, reds, and pinks. They offer a lot of tasteful floral embroidery in a variety of color options to accent classic neutral colors. Cotonhouse carries bra and panty sets, bustiers, body suits, garter belts, vintage robes, and night dresses. If you like florals, delicate lace, and classic colors, this is a one stop shop for you! If you order from Cotonhouse, be sure you allow plenty of time for shipping. I've ordered from them and it took several weeks for my items to arrive. The only thing I don't love about this brand is that it's not overly size inclusive. It also tends to run a tad small.


This is a recent find of mine. It's a lingerie brand that makes limited edition bodysuits. They're always unique and classy, but my favorite part is that they're designed by a boudoir photographer and her seamstress mother. If you shop here, you're practically guaranteed to buy something that will photograph well and look good on a wide variety of body types!


Let's talk! I love talking lingerie and helping women find pieces that flatter their unique personality and shape.


You can book here today!


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