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Sexy Outfits for Your Boudoir Photography Session

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Looking to blow his mind with sexy boudoir photos? What outfits should you wear for sexy and classy boudoir photos? I've got you covered with my favorite options for sexy outfits for your boudoir photography session.

My biggest rule of thumb when choosing outfits is to be sure you love them. This may seem really obvious, but please don't choose an outfit just because you feel like you should!

If you try an outfit on and you don't like how you look in it, don't wear it for your session! It's that simple.


Lace is one of my favorite things to look for when you're shopping for a sexy boudoir outfit. It brings an element of sensuality and femininity to your look.

You can look for lacy lingerie or accessories such as robes, shorts, and even shirts!


Bodysuits are perfect for boudoir sessions. They flatter every body type and look amazing on camera! They're by far one of my favorite things to photograph.

If you're nervous about your session, bodysuits/teddies can also help you feel more comfortable as you ease into your session since they provide more coverage than a bra and panty set.

The variety on the market for bodysuits/teddies appears to be unending. It's really fun to find a unique bodysuit that suits your personality and preferences!


Another great option is a bra and panty set! There is so much variety to choose from. There are a few things I recommend you keep in mind when choosing a bra and panty set.

How much support do you need? Do you want something lighter like a bralette or a push up bra? Or do you prefer the look of something in the middle? Do you want more of a bustier or a more traditional bra?

What about the panties? How do you feel about showing your lower belly? Are you cool with it or do you want to find something high waisted that you'll be more comfortable in?

What cut do you want? I recommend cheeky or thong! I'd definitely avoid G-strings as they have a tendency to look cheep and be less flattering than cheeky or thong cut.

Do you want to add a garter belt? This can be a fun and sexy accessory, but I generally don't recommend wearing stockings with it unless they come up nearly to your booty. Otherwise, they have an unfortunate tendency to visually cut your legs off and make you seem shorter.


This is a super sexy outfit option that gives off morning after vibes. It's also a great way to incorporate your man in your session. Whether you pair it with lingerie, or just wear his shirt by itself, your photos will look very sexy with this outfit option!


I always keep a clean white sheet on hand for you to pose with. This is a very sexy option for implied nude photography that will wow your man!

Posing nude with a bedsheet also a very sneaky way to cover any insecurities you may have with your body while highlighting the things you love and want to show off.


Really want to blow his mind? Consider posing nude for a few photos. We can cover your intimate parts with strategic posing or we can show off your chest fully. The choice is up to you!

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If you haven't already, be sure to book your boudoir session here!


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